Sports & Recreational Liability

Our society has become a sports conscious, recreation oriented society with interests centered on health motivated activities and physical fitness and, more so, on proper utilization and enjoyment of our leisure time. The growth of this interest and emphasis on sports and sports related activities has propelled the sports arena and sporting goods business into multibillion dollar businesses. With such tremendous growth of this interest and emphasis on sports and sports related matters, the number of sports participants has increased dramatically. As a result, a new area of litigation has emerged with different and various theories of liability. Responsibility for many of these areas has been placed upon defendants ranging from the defective equipment manufacturer to the negligent franchise operator. For the trial lawyer, sport injury litigation has presented a new frontier at the courthouse and is alive and well proceeding through our legal system.

MDAFP handles defense and coverage matters in a broad range of sports, leisure, and entertainment areas. Our attorneys have handled matters involving skiing and snow sports, golf, bicycling, arena sports, and other outdoor industries. Each case is analyzed to determine whether the applicability of the doctrine of primary assumption of risk applies. Our skills and experience, however, go well beyond litigation. We excel in handling cases involving high-profile catastrophic injuries, and in helping our clients manage the financial and public relations consequences of such events. We also advise many businesses on self-insurance programs.

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