Premises Liability

MDAFP has handled every manner of defense of property owners, including for example residential and commercial slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, issues involving elevators/escalators, security issues, and bedbug infestations.

MDAFP’s property clients have ranged from well-known commercial management companies to the owners of multiple dwellings. In matters involving independent contracts, we are aggressive in pursuing indemnification issues and declarations as to the additional/named insured status of our clients with other carriers.

MDAFP’s attorneys have extensive knowledge in building codes and construction standards. When a case requires technical expertise, we litigate premise liability matters hand-in-hand with reputable experts, including engineers, architects, and safety code experts.

MDAFP has been involved in the defense of all manner of premise liability matters, including:

• Broken, cracked and/or misleveled sidewalks;
• Improperly designed stairs
• Malfunctioning elevators/escalators
• Improper lighting;
• Weather-related falls;
• Defective security systems;
• Security guard issues;
• Accidents due to improper maintenance;
• Pest infestation.

From the outset of each case, MDAFP develops a strategy to aggressively pursue the resolution of all premises liability matters. The first line of defense is, if warranted, to seek dismissal of these claims on issues of lack of notice, de minimis conditions, open and obvious conditions, and other defenses. We also scrutinize medical records in an attempt to expose degenerative and pre-existing injuries. Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating settlements, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, trials and appeals

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